Human souls, past lives, UFOs, ghosts, psychics and exorcism are all words that make us shiver.


Zone paranormale is a new TMC programme that plunges you into the mysterious world of the paranormal.
Laurence Boccolini presents four spine-chilling investigations bordering the supernatural supported by surprising and mysterious eyewitness accounts collected from around the world.
Amazing stories of people experiencing inexplicable phenomena.

Like the suburban house where Isabelle witnessed some highly mysterious events.
More than 15 years ago, the charming house is suddenly struck by the inexplicable: chairs that move, marks on the floor, slamming doors, strange smells and more.
Her son can no longer sleep, he’s permanently cold. When she decides to sell, she learns the terrible history of her home: rumour has it someone burned to death in the oven…

Can we communicate with the hereafter, and how? Can some people really make contact with the dead? Zone paranormale meets a young 6-year-old boy, Justin.
Just like any other child to look at, but he can see ghosts.

Be prepared to enter the paranormal.