Programme presented by Mareva Galanter


Monday 23 January 2012, on 13ème Rue


Mareva Galanter presents Sex Crimes, a new collection of never-before-seen documentaries broadcast by 13ème Rue recounting eight exclusive stories of crimes of passion.

Sex is a subject that fascinates everyone, and it can also reveal our darker side, pushing us to unsuspected limits. It takes almost nothing for some to cross the line between passion, sex and violence.

Sex Crimes explores the psychological mechanisms leading an individual to commit the irreparable, examining a selection of the most memorable stories inextricably linking crime and passion. Each documentary covers a different case, from a maneater to a fetish killer to a black widow, and looks at the causes: frustration, domination, fetishism and other deviances.

Exclusive interviews round out the investigation and help the viewer enter the criminals’ minds. Family, friends and sometimes the culprits themselves speak of their experience.