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First adaptation in the world of the 2008 best-selling Hole in the Wall game show format ( by Fuji TV ).


Le mur infernal is a game show where participants have to pass through a polystyrene wall in which shapes have been cut out.

Two teams of three compete, passing one after the other through a series of shapes in walls that speed towards them. They play alone, in pairs and in threes. Participants have five seconds to strike the right pose and avoid being pushed in the pool.
The winners of the final leave with armloads of gifts. The losers leave dripping wet.

Hole in the Wall

Premiere: 12 November 2007, TMC

This is a local adaptation of the Fuji TV format Hole in the Wall, where contestants have to go through a papier mâché wall that has their silhouette carved into it. Two teams of three contestants compete against each other, making their bodies fit into a series of different holes (different poses) in a wall as it speeds towards them. They play individually, in duos and trios. Contestants must strike the correct pose, and they have five seconds to fit through the hole in the wall if they want to get through to the next round. At the end the winners walk away with a cash prize, and the losers are pushed into the pool.

Style: Game show; Length: 32’
Aspect ratio: 4/3
Number of episodes: 50
Network: TMC
Producers: Coyote