From Monday to Friday at 18:00 on TF1

Each week, four campsite owners take it in turns to invite each other to test and evaluate their site and facilities.

On Friday they meet up to find out their score and what the other participants have said. The owners with the highest score receive the title of best campsite of the week and €3,000 in prize money. The owners are evaluated on:

  • The campsite and its surroundings (setting, environment and services)
  • The quality of their entertainment (visits of the region, activities, dinner, evening entertainment and/or show)
  • The accommodation (location, comfort, facilities, decor and cleanliness)
  • The atmosphere and ambiance (reception, availability and general atmosphere)

The last criterion, but not the least, is value for money. Before leaving each campsite, the guests pay what they consider a fair price.

The grand final

Every Friday, our campers discover their scores and the contents of their envelopes in the grand final! Only then will you find out who receives the title of best campsite of the week and the sum of €3,000.

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