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TATTO COVER – tattoo rescuers

Thursday at 9 pm on TFX

TATTOO COVER : The show arrives on TFX on March 29th !

Three shock tattoo artists, a receptionist full of humour and a big challenge: to help people who no longer want a tattoo. Here, in summary, are the ingredients of Tattoo Cover which lands on March 29 on TFX. Produced by Coyote, the show plunges into the heart of a unique tattoo studio. Amy Mymouse, Marty Early and Diego Moraes are there to help those who are ashamed of their tattoo, who find it disabling or simply hate it. Three magicians of needles who will each suggest a new creation to cover the ugly tattoo. It is the client who will choose which tattoo artist will have the chance to cover his old tattoo.

TATTOO COVER - Cécile Djunga

Cécile Djunga

Amateurs who want to have their tattoo covered are welcomed by a colourful personality: Cécile Djunga. Comedian and humorist, the young woman, who also hosts the weather on the RTBF, has been performing stand-up for more than 5 years and goes on stage with a show called One Killeuse Show. No doubt that his irresistible humour will relax and cheer up tattooed in distress!



TATTOO COVER - Marty Early

Marty Early

Tattoo Cover highlights Marty Early. At only 27 years old, the neo-traditional tattoo artist, who is inspired by watercolour, has 7 years of experience. Passionate about art and drawing, he tattoos as well in London as in Paris.



TATTOO COVER - Diego Moraes

Diego Moraes

36 years old and 18 years of experience. Diego Moraes, a Brazilian tattoo artist who has been living in France for 14 years, comes from a family that has the profession in its blood. His brothers and cousins also practice this activity. Trained in Brazil then in France thanks to the famous tattoo artist TIN-TIN, he opened his shop 4 years ago in the south of France. Listening, patient and smiling, he is a specialist of the realistic style which moreover earns him a beautiful reputation among tattoo artists. He also practices traditional Japanese tattooing.



TATTOO COVER - Amy Mymouse

Amy Mymouse

Tattoo Cover’s only female artist, Amy Mymouse, 32, has 6 years of experience. A true workaholic, she discovered the art of tattooing at the age of 20 while studying at an animation film school. A revelation! She dropped out of school and started tattooing. Almost 5 years later, she became an apprentice in Rennes. The style of this artist who officiates in Belgium but also in the world: the illustrative cartoon. His colourful world and old school style have made her famous!




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