Julien gère la société familiale depuis que sa mère, Marie-Hélène, est dans le coma.
Ça fait déjà huit ans et il n'en peut plus !
Quand Marie-Hélène se réveille tout à coup, en pleine forme et toujours aussi insupportable, réclamant à corps et à cri sa fille chérie Lucie, Julien se persuade qu'il n'y a qu'une solution pour éviter toute rechute : se faire passer pour sa sœur qui évidemment est injoignable !
Et au passage, il espère bien en profiter pour se débarrasser de la société et changer enfin de vie...

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I Am My Sister
2008 tf1

A young man finds an ingenious way of breaking free of his mother by dressing up and becoming his sister! Ever since Marie-Hélène fell into a deep coma eight long years ago, her son Julien has given all his time and energy to running the family business that no one else wanted to take over.
So when Marie-Hélène wakes up in top form, Julien glimpses the chance of getting his life back. But that's forgetting that his mother is totally unbearable. Showing no interest in Julien's problems, she demands to see her wonderful daughter Lucie, who is unreachable. Julien can see only one way to stop his mother relapsing, and maybe sell the company and get himself a new life at the same time: by becoming Lucie.

Style : Comedy
Length : 96 min
Color - 1.77 - Stereo - HD masters available
Written by : Loïc Belland
Directed by : Didier Albert (Dolmen, Lost Signs, Deep Secrets)
Cast : Grégori Baquet, Bernadette Lafont (School's Out), Laurent Ournac (Campers in Paradise 1, 2 and 3)
Produced by : Les Productions Clebs in coproduction with Fontana and RTBF (Télévision belge)

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